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Top Science News
April 11, 2019

Twins Study: Resilience of Human Body in Space

Tiny Frog: Hidden Diversity

New Species of Early Human Found in Philippines

First Direct Images of a Black Hole

 Researchers have uncovered the remains of a new species of human in the Philippines, proving the region played a key role in hominin evolutionary … read more 
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Health News
April 11, 2019

Cold Plasma Can Kill 99.9% of Airborne Viruses

3-D Printed Soft Robots for Elder Care

Gum Bacteria Implicated in Alzheimer’s

Screen Time Has Little Impact On Teen Well-Being

 Researchers are reporting new findings on how bacteria involved in gum disease can travel throughout the body, exuding toxins connected with Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and aspiration … read more 
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Physical/Tech News
April 11, 2019

A Jetsons Future?

Low-Cost Human-Friendly Robot

Elements Can Be Solid and Liquid at Same Time

Planet Almost 13 Times Mass of Jupiter

 Scientists have discovered a new state of physical matter in which atoms can exist as both solid and liquid … read more 
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Environment News
April 11, 2019

Tracking Records of Oldest Life Forms On Earth

Alps Glaciers Disappearing Fast

Woolly Mammoths and Neanderthals: Shared …

Melting Glaciers and Sea Level Rise

 A new study suggests that the genetic profiles of two extinct mammals with African ancestry — woolly mammoths and Neanderthals — shared molecular characteristics of adaptation to cold … read more 
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Society/Education News
April 11, 2019

Associating Colors With Vowels? Most Do!

One in Five Deaths Associated With Poor Diet

Climate: Rainfall Changes for Key Crops

Additional Evidence for Massive Solar Storms

 By 2040, rainfall on wheat, soybean, rice and maize will have changed, even if Paris Agreement emissions targets are met; projections show parts of … read more 
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