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Mar 20, 2019, 11:54 PM (6 hours ago)

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ScienceDaily: Top Science News

Giant X-ray ‘chimneys’ are exhaust vents for vast energies produced at Milky Way’s center

Posted: 20 Mar 2019 01:49 PM PDT

At the center of our galaxy, where an enormous black hole blasts out energy as it chows down on interstellar detritus while neighboring stars burst to life and explode. astronomers have discovered two exhaust channels — dubbed the ‘galactic center chimneys’ — that appear to funnel matter and energy away from the cosmic fireworks.


Robotic ‘gray goo’

Posted: 20 Mar 2019 11:10 AM PDT

Researchers have demonstrated for the first time a way to make a robot composed of many loosely coupled components, or ‘particles.’ Unlike swarm or modular robots, each component is simple, and has no individual address or identity. In their system, which the researchers call a ‘particle robot,’ each particle can perform only uniform volumetric oscillations (slightly expanding and contracting), but cannot move independently.


The best topological conductor yet: Spiraling crystal is the key to exotic discovery

Posted: 20 Mar 2019 11:10 AM PDT

A team of researchers has discovered the strongest topological conductor yet, in the form of thin crystal samples that have a spiral-staircase structure.


Computer scientists create reprogrammable molecular computing system

Posted: 20 Mar 2019 11:05 AM PDT

Researchers have designed self-assembling DNA molecules with unprecedented reprogrammability.


Butterfly numbers down by two thirds

Posted: 20 Mar 2019 09:06 AM PDT

Meadows adjacent to high-intensity agricultural areas are home to less than half the number of butterfly species than areas in nature preserves. The number of individuals is even down to one-third of that number.


It’s spring already? Physics explains why time flies as we age

Posted: 20 Mar 2019 09:05 AM PDT

Researchers have a new explanation for why those endless days of childhood seemed to last so much longer than they do now — physics. According to the theory, the apparent temporal discrepancy can be blamed on the ever-slowing speed at which images are obtained and processed by the human brain as the body ages.


Evidence rogue waves are getting more extreme

Posted: 20 Mar 2019 07:20 AM PDT

Research suggests that ‘rogue’ waves are occurring less often, but becoming more extreme. Scientists have, for the first time, used long-term data from a wide expanse of ocean to investigate how these rare, unexpected and hazardous ocean phenomena behave.


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