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GSI Helmholtz Center

SMASH HIT  To create new elements and study the chemistry of the periodic table’s heaviest atoms, researchers at the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt, Germany, use the apparatus above to create beams of ions that scientists then smash into other elements.


HITTING THE GAS  ‘Oumuamua had its foot on the accelerator as it left the solar system. Some astronomers think the object was spewing jets of gas, as shown in this artist’s illustration, although there’s no evidence of that. Others think it was pushed by radiation from the sun.

greater ani bird

SOMETIMES SNEAKY  The tropical bird called a greater ani has inspired a detailed test of how much cheating pays. Some individuals sneak eggs into neighbors’ nests and some don’t.

Chimps screaming

EMOTIONAL BEINGS  Chimpanzee screams are an expression of fear and anger. Frans de Waal considers these and other animal emotions in Mama’s Last Hug.

Science News

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