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Welcome to another update from “Hawaii Science Digest”.  This Hawaii Island blog focuses on science, technology, medicine, health, the environment, cyber security, and artificial intelligence (AI).  Views expressed in this science news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Topics cited in this post come from the current edition of “ScienceDaily”.


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Latest Top Headlines
updated 10:20pm EST

Health News
January 22, 2019

Mechanism Behind Ear’s Exquisite Sensitivity

Stem Cells in the Developing Embryo

Engineered Light to Improve Health, Food

Perfect Human Blood Vessels Grown in a Dish

 Researchers have decoded the way structures in the inner ear give our hearing its remarkable sensitivity and … read more 
Latest Health Headlines
updated 10:20pm EST

Physical/Tech News
January 22, 2019

Saturn Hasn’t Always Had Rings

Model Captures Life of a Solar Flare

Feathers: Better Than Velcro?

Dying Star: Much Theorized ‘Hot Cocoon’

 In its last days, the Cassini spacecraft looped between Saturn and its rings so that Earth-based radio telescopes could track the gravitational tug of each. Scientists have now used these … read more 
Latest Physical/Tech Headlines
updated 10:20pm EST

Environment News
January 22, 2019

AI Finds Unknown Human Ancestor

Nepal 2015 Quake: Only a Prelude to the Big One?

Antarctic Ice Sheet: One-Two Climate Punch

A Microbial Hot Spring in Your Basement

 By combining deep learning algorithms and statistical methods, investigators have identified, in the genome of Asian individuals, the footprint of a … read more 
Latest Environment Headlines
updated 10:20pm EST
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