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Spotlight Science News

Dark matter on the move

Scientists have found evidence that dark matter can be heated up and moved around, as a result of star formation in galaxies. The findings provide the first observational evidence for the effect known as ‘dark matter heating’, …

date15 hours ago in Astronomy

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Next up: Ultracold simulators of super-dense stars

Rice University physicists have created the world’s first laser-cooled neutral plasma, completing a 20-year quest that sets the stage for simulators that re-create exotic states of matter found inside Jupiter and white dwarf …

date11 hours ago in Plasma Physics

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Bulldogs’ screw tails linked to human genetic disease

With their small size, stubby faces and wide-set eyes, bulldogs, French bulldogs and Boston terriers are among the most popular of domestic dog breeds. Now researchers at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary …

date13 hours ago in Genetics

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Newborn genomic sequencing detects unanticipated disease risk factors

As genomic sequencing becomes increasingly commonplace in the clinic, questions remain about its use and role among newborns. Can sequencing provide actionable insights? How common is it to find something important to a child’s …

date14 hours ago in Genetics

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