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Spotlight Science News

NASA spaceship closes in on distant world

NASA’s unmanned New Horizons spacecraft is closing in on its historic New Year’s flyby target, the most distant world ever studied, a frozen relic of the solar system some four billion miles (6.4 billion kilometers) away.

date21 hours ago in Space Exploration

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Clouds with a chance of warming

Researchers from Argonne’s Environmental Science division participated in one of the largest collaborative atmospheric measurement campaigns in Antarctica in recent decades.

dateDec 28, 2018 in Earth Sciences

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Description of rotating molecules made easy

Feynman diagrams are applied in condensed matter physics. By turning highly complex equations into sets of simple diagrams, the method has established itself as one of the sharpest tools in a theoretical physicist’s toolbox. …

dateDec 28, 2018 in Condensed Matter

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Bacteria found in ancient Irish soil halts growth of superbugs—new hope for tackling antibiotic resistance

Researchers analysing soil from Ireland long thought to have medicinal properties have discovered that it contains a previously unknown strain of bacteria which is effective against four of the top six superbugs that are …

dateDec 27, 2018 in Cell & Microbiology

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