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“Spotlight Science News” from the Science X Network, 26 December 2018.

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Spotlight Science News

Illuminating nanoparticle growth with X-rays

Hydrogen fuel cells are a promising technology for producing clean and renewable energy, but the cost and activity of their cathode materials is a major challenge for commercialization. Many fuel cells require expensive platinum-based …

date1 hour ago in Materials Science

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Sustainable ‘plastics’ are on the horizon

A new Tel Aviv University study describes a process to make bioplastic polymers that don’t require land or fresh water—resources that are scarce in much of the world. The polymer is derived from microorganisms that feed …

dateDec 24, 2018 in Polymers

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Seeds of giant galaxies formed in the early universe

Modern galaxies show a wide diversity, including dwarf galaxies, irregular galaxies, spiral galaxies, and massive elliptical galaxies. This final type, massive elliptical galaxies, provides astronomers with a puzzle. Although …

dateDec 21, 2018 in Astronomy

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Study projects a dramatic increase in annual high-heat days in the U.S. Northeast by the century’s end

Long-term assessment of likely regional and local climate impacts is critical to enabling municipalities, businesses, and regional economies to prepare for potentially damaging and costly effects of climate change—from …

dateDec 21, 2018 in Environment
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