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“Spotlight Science News”, 22 December 2018.

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Spotlight Science News

Seeds of giant galaxies formed in the early universe

Modern galaxies show a wide diversity, including dwarf galaxies, irregular galaxies, spiral galaxies, and massive elliptical galaxies. This final type, massive elliptical galaxies, provides astronomers with a puzzle. Although …

dateDec 21, 2018 in Astronomy

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Holiday asteroid imaged with NASA radar

The December 2018 close approach by the large, near-Earth asteroid 2003 SD220 has provided astronomers an outstanding opportunity to obtain detailed radar images of the surface and shape of the object and to improve the understanding …

dateDec 21, 2018 in Space Exploration

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Does alcohol on greeting cards undermine public health messages about harmful drinking?

Birthday and Christmas cards featuring alcohol or harmful drinking “reflect and reinforce a social attitude that excess alcohol consumption is acceptable and associated with celebration,” warn experts in The BMJ today.

dateDec 21, 2018 in Health
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