The 100 Greatest Innovations of 2018. 18-19 December 2018.

The 100 Greatest Innovations of 2018. 18-19 December 2018.

Accessed on 19 December 2018, 1403 UTC.

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Comment:  Each year, “Popular Science Magazine” selects the 100 best products, technology advances, gadgets, automobiles, and scientific curiosities of the current year.

Among the winners of the “31st Annual Best of What’s New Awards” are:

The Insight Mission to Mars from NASA.
The h-160 Helicopter by Airbus.
The V-280 Valor by Bell.
Low Power Radar (LPR) from Raytheon.
Zephyrs HAPS by Airbus.
The Gravity Jet Suit from Gravity Industries.
Oculus Go by Facebook.
Galaxy Note 9 cellphone by Samsung.
Me Creation Edition by Magic Loop.
Mavic 2 Zoom by DJI.
Pixel Visual Core by Google.
Sleepbuds by Bose.
QTM052mm Wave Antenna Module by Qualcomm.
Gorilla Glass by Corning.

The article also reviews the radical changes coming in auto and engine design, the impact of IoT (The Internet of Things), and advances in AI (artificial intelligence).  All told–an excellent look into our immediate technological and scientific future from “Popular Science Magazine.”

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