Discover magazine: Health & Medicine. 05-06 November 2018.

Discover Magazine: Health & Medicine. 05-06 November 2018.

Accessed on 06 November 2018, 0106 UTC.

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Comment:  Here are some of key science news making headlines in “Discover Magazine”.  Views expressed in this science news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

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Meet the Biochemist Engineering Proteins From Scratch

10/30/2018 — By Jonathon Keats
Biochemist David Baker changed the study of proteins — now he’s changing the proteins.

Vertigo, Panic and Trouble Breathing: What’s Going On Here?

10/19/2018 — By Tony Dajer
Chest-tightening, world-spinning attacks leave a 25-year-old grasping for answers.

The Coroner Crisis

10/2/2018 — By Emilie Le Beau Lucchesi
In 1920s Chicago, forensic pathologists were overworked and taking shortcuts. Today they face a similar problem amid a nationwide opioid epidemic.

Searching for the Sandman

9/28/2018 — By Henry Nicholls
Generations of scientists have tried to explain why we sleep. The answer may rest in the most primitive brains.

Cellular Cyborgs: How Programmable DNA Strands Might Control Healing

9/25/2018 — By Eric Smalley
Are programmable, living circuits the future of medicine?

Low Note

9/24/2018 — By Julia Michie Bruckner
A teenage girl’s changing appearance and voice baffle doctors.

Not So Fast

9/24/2018 — By Mark Barna
Scientists disagree on how to eat for your best life. Dieting may never be the same.

The Man Who Lost His Language Overnight

8/13/2018 — By Eliezer J. Sternberg
One day, a 70-year-old man woke up speaking a language his wife couldn’t understand.

A Double Whammy

6/12/2018 — By Rachel Cernansky
Exposure to certain chemicals may be a quiet culprit in the global increase of liver disease.

Cracking Listeria’s Secrets

6/12/2018 — By Claire Panosian Dunavan
We know a lot about the crafty and resilient microbe, but it remains a deadly threat.

Human Speed

6/12/2018 — By Teal Burrell
Born to run.

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