Discover Magazine: Technology. 04 November 2018.

Discover Magazine: Technology. 04 November 2018.

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Comment:  Here are some of the science and technology stories making the headlines in “Discover Magazine.”  Views expressed in this science news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

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Meet the Biochemist Engineering Proteins From Scratch

10/30/2018 — By Jonathon Keats
Biochemist David Baker changed the study of proteins — now he’s changing the proteins.

The Road to Self-driving Cars Is Full of Speed Bumps

10/25/2018 — By Hannah Fry
Automakers are revving up for a very near future of fully autonomous vehicles. But the road ahead is rough.

The Life & Death of Social Media

10/25/2018 — By Lacy Schley
A closer look at the services that digitally connect our lives, and some that came and went.

The Web, Worldwide

10/19/2018 — By Troy Farah
Half of humans still lack dedicated internet access.

The Tiny Satellites That Might Fly to Another Solar System

10/18/2018 — By Steve Nadis
Scientists hope the world’s smallest satellites will boldly go where no probe has gone before.

Meet the Man Who Takes Pictures of Microbes

10/18/2018 — By Ernie Mastroianni
Zoom in on four decades of microscopy advances.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About … Lasers

10/17/2018 — By Erika K. Carlson
They’ve won a lot of Nobels, helped detect lost cities and chronicled the drift of the moon.

Going Ballistic

10/1/2018 — By Eric Betz
Next-gen tech is transforming a century-old science.

Shape Shifters

9/25/2018 — By Devin Powell
An obscure mathematical field might bring about a new era in technology.

Cellular Cyborgs: How Programmable DNA Strands Might Control Healing

9/25/2018 — By Eric Smalley
Are programmable, living circuits the future of medicine?

Energy to Burn

9/20/2018 — By National Science Foundation
From atoms to algae, researchers test new ways to harness energy from nature.

Chance Encounters

8/17/2018 — By Tim Folger
How random numbers have influenced spies, scientists and reality itself.

The Never Ending Quest To Simulate Doomsday

8/13/2018 — By Eric Betz
How scientists learned to stop worrying and simulate the bomb.

A Heavenly Disk To Map The Universe

8/13/2018 — By Eric Betz
How to turn one telescope into hundreds.

The Salt Life

6/27/2018 — By National Science Foundation
Exploring Earth’s oceans from top to bottom

The Cloud

6/12/2018 — By Lauren Sigfusson
Clearing the fog from our digital future.

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

6/12/2018 — By Lacy Schley
Exciting new gadgets are fun to play with, but sometimes they can get us into trouble. Hoverboards are a prime example. The two-wheeled toys — sadly, more like fancy skateboards than true hoverboards à la Back to the Future — have …

Autonomous Cars

6/12/2018 — By Lauren Sigfusson
Bots on wheels.

Space Stations

6/11/2018 — By Korey Haynes
The first step toward the final frontier!

A Blood Test to Root Out Cancer

5/15/2018 — By Delia O’Hara
Researchers work to fine-tune a test that could better detect lingering disease in cancer patients.

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