Hawaii Science Digest.

Welcome to the first issue of “Hawaii Science Digest.”  This Hawaii-based blog features news and videos about science, technology, health, medicine, and the environment.  My sources include the major news networks, leading universities, and respected research centers.  All stories will be identified and sourced so you can check the facts and conclusions for yourself.  I will issue a science and technology summary several times a week, with the final publication schedule to be decided shortly.  Your views and opinions are always welcomed.  Please be civil, responsible, and objective.  We can always agree to disagree.

I look forward to joining you in the adventure of discovery.

Here’s my first post from the international news service known as EIN News/EIN Presswire.  This summary covers a variety of science related topics from climate change to the possibility of life on Mars.  I will be adding more sources and videos as time progresses.

Here are today’s top science news stories from EIN News/EIN Presswire.  Views expressed in this news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.


Thanks for joining us today.

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